ScholarAdvisor company – services, fees and exclusive benefits reviewed in this post!

Selecting the best academic writing provider can be a tedious task. There are so many service providers in this arena that you might get confused about which one to trust. In case you are facing a similar problem, then we suggest that you read legit reviews of these companies before making a decision.If you are considering hiring, then we suggest you read our review of this website right here. This review would cover different aspects of the service provider. From services to pricing, customer support to feedback on ScholarAdvisor, and from discounts to professionalism, you can learn about it all right here.

Services Offered by

Scholar Advisor offers essay writing services at high school and college levels. It covers different subjects so as to cater to all types of students. A plus of the company is that it helps students to write their essays by providing resources such as a blog, and free essay samples.

Security of the Website

If you are skeptical about the safety of your personal and financial information on this website, then you should know that the website is quite secure. Your data will not be compromised in any manner.

Unfair Prices

The pricing of the content seems to be appropriate and at par with the average rates until you get the work you order. The same happened with us. We asked the writers of to write an essay on Shakespeare’s works, and it cost us just 17 dollars.

Unfortunately, the result we received was of very low quality. The content was laden with so many errors that it was hard to find even a single structured and well-written sentence. As we were impressed with the quality of the blogs and reference essays, we were hoping for some good quality work. However, the result did not meet our expectations and would have gotten a very bad grade if it was to be submitted at school.

Discounts and Coupon Codes

If you are looking for a promo code to make the services of this website cheaper, then you are in luck. The website offers a 20 percent discount to all the first-time users. You can get the discount code right on the website, which means you don’t have to search all over the Internet for it. You can also use the assistance of the customer support team to get updates on all the latest discount offers.

Feedback from Real Users

To solidify our findings regarding the poor quality offered by Scholar Advisor, we sought customer reviews and real testimonials. This is what we found: one of the students reported that the lab report was full of calculation and experiment-related mistakes and not worth the price paid to the company.

In the end, the student had to rewrite that report to get a passing grade. The company failed to do any worthy revisions to the content it had created.

Another user reported that even though she didn’t expect to get an A grade for the price paid to this company, she was hoping for a passing grade. failed to deliver that, and the user opined that they were not the specialists that they claimed to be.


All in all, it can be said that, even though seems to be a legit company at first glance, it’s not the case. The company deals with academic writing but the content it provides is below average quality, which leads to its poor rating. You will be smart to seek other service providers and leave this one alone while seeking academic writing assistance.

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