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What is Business Coaching?

Business coaches are typically experienced entrepreneurs and business owners themselves who decide to use their talents for building and growing a business to help other business owners reach their goals.

While there’s plenty of information and advice available online on how to start and grow a business, all of it is, by nature, generic and not specific to your unique business. Business coaches, on the other hand, are able to provide something far more valuable – personalized, custom advice.

Whether your business is struggling and you need a way to revive it or you simply want to take your brand to the next level, bringing on a professional business coach is one of the most effective options you have available.

What Does a Business Coach Do?

Business coaches serve as both trainers and mentors, training you in the skills you need to be successful in your business and serving as a source of information should you ever have any questions about what you should do.

Just as every company is unique, every business owner’s vision is unique as well, and a business coach will need to know whether you are wanting to turn your business into a livable income for you and your family or a multi-million dollar corporation.

Once a set of goals are in place, your business coach is there to help you meet them, aiding you in devising a set of strategies and action plans designed to push your business to meet its goals and helping you navigate any challenges that come up along the way.

What Can a Business Coach Help With?

Most business coaches are versatile in the services that they offer, meaning that whether you are wanting to revive a struggling business or make an already successful business even more successful or whether you are running a small, local business or an international company, a talented business coach will be able to help.

Business coaches can help build a new business from the ground up, advising executives and owners as they go through the process of setting up their business, defining its mission and goals, and putting in place both long-term and short-term strategies for the business.

When you work with a business coach, however, you’ll have someone in your corner who can assist you through the challenges you will inevitably face and serve as a source of experience and expertise that you can rely on when the going gets tough.

A Few Head-Turning Business Coaching Statistics

Satisfied owners who have worked with business coaches to develop and grow their business are quick to talk about the many benefits and advantages that they enjoyed throughout the process, and several different surveys have been conducted highlighting the results of such services.

A report conducted by the Personnel Management Association showed that executives who received both coaching and training were able to increase their productivity by 86% compared to a 22% increase in productivity by executives who received training alone

A trusted partnership

Business coaching is not consulting, and it’s not therapy. One common misconception is that business coaches will act more like consultants, doing the work of developing your business for you—they won’t. Coaches help set direction, and provide feedback, tools, guidance and perspective. They’re also an accountability factor, which is what we find to be the thing most business owners need—someone to help them stay focused on their goals.

A good business coach doesn’t simply tell you what to do or listen without giving feedback. A good business coach is someone you can trust—someone who has the ability to diagnose specific and systemic issues in your business, and knows that you have to implement the solutions yourself in order to get real results.

Being a good listener and smart about business are key characteristics for any coach. They can’t help you unless they understand what makes a good business good—and a great business great. And to truly be a partner, they must care about people and want to get to know you so they can understand why you went into business in the first place.

Great coaches are patient. Their job is to help you clarify what needs to happen next, but they wait for you to take those actions. And of course, they hold your feet to the fire on your goals. A great coach lives by one rule: You already have the fundamental ingredient to transform your business—the ability to change how you relate to it.

Curiosity and courage from your coach

A great coach has curiosity and courage in equal measure. They use their curiosity to look at every corner of your business to find the root cause for why things are stuck or stagnating. A great coach asks the right questions in the right moments—something they can only do if they have the training and experience. And a great business coach has the courage to be honest with you: They understand that you need to hear the truth (even if it stings a bit), or have you pause and reflect before you jump into action.

If your business coach can bring these elements of your work together, you’ll become a better leader. You’ll see the impact in your business—in the way your business starts to stabilize, grow, and get closer and closer to your vision. You’ll see the impact in how your employees show up to work. And, you’ll see the impact in your bottom line, in your customer retention and in how your work changes within the business.

Small Business Coaching Services

9. Jay Abraham

About: Abraham balances a curriculum-based approach with situational coaching. Learn his curriculum first, then chat with Abraham about your unique business situations and receive advice and helpful frameworks in return.

10. Building Champions

About: Seek personal business coaching from one of their trainers, attend an inspirational event, coordinate a team workshop, or simply conduct a team assessment to powerfully transform how your team functions and communicates.

11. Melinda Emerson

About: From American Express to Staples and Sam’s Club — Emerson has coached some of the biggest brands around. Today, she’s SMB-focused and offers services including global SMB insights, engagement strategies for women business owners, and marketing execution.

12. ActionCOACH

About: Brad Sugars’ slick site will ask a few questions about you and your business to pair you with the perfect coach. Then, you’ll work through their systematic business coaching methods to overcome the challenges of maintaining a business. Not convinced you’re ready to buy? Get a complimentary coaching session to determine fit.

13. Karl Bryan

About: If you’d like to grow your business coaching program, Bryan is your man. He specializes in helping you learn to retain clients longer, receive payment for each service you render, and sign more clients quickly. Through strategic sales and marketing efforts, Bryan believes your business will soon be booming.

14. Small Business Coach Associates

About: Get coaching on how to start a business, how to grow it, and how to train your employees. You’ll gain access to coaches who specialize in small business tactics and strategies to overcome day-to-day issues including cash flow, competition, and employee management.

15. Barry Moltz

About: Moltz left IMB in the ’90s and has been helping corporations, SMB’s, and family-run businesses ever since. He specializes in identifying the root causes of your businesses’ issues and making recommendations you can implement immediately.

Entrepreneur Coaching Services

16. EMyth

About: From the company that pioneered business coaching and defined true entrepreneurship, the EMyth Coaching Program is a comprehensive system for building a business that gives you more freedom and produces consistent, predictable results. Their program is unique, pairing proven systems with personal mentorship to foster not only the growth of your business but also your growth as its leader.

17. Mindshop

About: Access Mindshop’s pre-built tools, workshops, and coaching solutions. Stay up-to-date with new business trends, get cost-effective online coaching (and learn how to offer it to your clients), and be challenged by a community of like-minded advisors.

18. Prestige Business Coaching

About: Robert Viney has 34 years of experience starting and running his own seven successful businesses. Now focused on sharing his experiences and knowledge with other business owners and entrepreneurs Viney offers comprehensive business coaching and mentoring services.

19. Vanguard Business Coaching

About: Complete a simple form and coach Andy Turner promises that with one 45-minute conversation he can find a minimum of $10,000 in additional revenue for your business. How will he do it? By focusing on strategically marketing your business.

20. Erin May Henry – Chillpreneur

About: Henry is a personal branding strategist passionate about helping women from all walks of life feel empowered to build businesses they love. Sign up for her one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions and build online influence your clients can’t ignore.

21. The Startup Expert

About: If you’re worried about business revenue, aren’t sure how to market your product/service, need sales help, or struggle to find clients quickly, Tommi Wolfe is here to help. Choose from one of her existing courses or attend a live event and learn how to jumpstart your startup’s success.

22. Sheri Kaye Hoff

About: Hoff offers coaching in business growth, leadership skills, mindset mastery, and business growth. Whether you’ve been running your own business for years or are simply a professional looking to take your career to the next level, Hoff can help you discover a clear path to creating the business, career, or lifestyle you want.

23. Mom Biz Coach

About: Lara Galloway specializes in helping mom entrepreneurs find success and happiness in the blended role of CEO of their businesses and families. Enjoy one-on-one mentorship from Galloway as you learn how to make powerful decisions, define your priorities and values, and move forward with your business and life with confidence.


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