Be Careful! Scam Essay Writing Websites

Whilst it will be fantastic to only give attention to the favorable elements of the terrific penning firms we noticed, that basically isn’t achievable. We wouldn’t be carrying out our work if we didn’t take the time to present composing firms that are unreliable, pricey, or supply reduced grade documents. We unquestionably would be remiss if we didn’t alert college students relating to scholastic freelance writing organizations that are responsible for fraud or scam.

Hence, we have taken time to observe several composing firms. We have read customer reviews, checked out reports, even evaluated costs and discounts. Though we generally do this to examine websites that we believe supply good features, our objective in this case totally different. As an alternative, we have identified five organizations that have earned an exceptionally poor rating that they meet the requirements for our list of five most awful article writing services.

  1. WriteMyPapers

This articles firm gives us the opportunity to inform students against working with article writing organizations that are unreasonably cheap. provides university stage essays and research papers for less than $ 10 per page. There’s certainly no way that a website is giving specialized freelance writing services at those pricing. As we presumed, our research highlighted that articles are regularly brought late. When they are was given, students complain of extremely poor article writing, and an array of errors with citations.

  1. UKessays

We assumed elements seemed recognizable when we foremost took a quick look at this writing firm’s webpage. So, we did a bit of digging. It turns out that a major portion of content and articles on their internet page was almost the same to that of a site we had earlier examined. This indicates one of two facts. Many the companies we had evaluated previously had been shut down or delisted by Google, and had released using a new brand, or the organization simply replicated website content and articles instead of building their own.

None of these things bode effectively on the subject of dependability or standard. As we presumed, students were provided with bad quality penning. Worse, user service was unhelpful to people searching for refunds or alterations.

  1. PaperMasters

The decent thing here is that we are not able to consider a lot of learners putting an purchase with this website. Everything is purely incorrect from start to end. To begin with, the writing on the webpage is practically inconceivable to understand. Clicking on the link to set a request takes you to a different composing firm webpage entirely. Furthermore, the internet pages load slowly and the webpage is not mobile friendly. This one simply raises all sorts of warning flags.

  1. EssayEmpire

In this case, the freelance writing was good though not awesome. Customer aid wasn’t bad either. The main problem here was effortless. The price ranges were too high. Not really a bit excessive, the biggest we have stumbled upon. Additionally, there were no presents of a promo code or various other deals. Even more serious, there was nothing especially exceptional that might cause these price tags even near to being good.

  1. DarwinEssay

The last service of this article just rates low in every area. Students rated penning standard of this company as underperforming at very best, and usually completely undesirable. Papers are continually delivered delayed. Consumer reviews service is unprofessional and unhelpful. As a whole, this is simply one to pass on.


Although there are lots of good writing services, many simply don’t make the grade. These 5 specifically are really uncertain. We highly propose avoiding them totally.

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