5 Essay Writing Services That You Should Avoid

When it comes to essay writing services, there is no shortage of options. The problem appears when we bring the quality variation into the conversation, as you can find everything from complete scams and subpar products to excellent products that can bring a huge benefit to one’s academic life. Seeing how difficult it is to tell what you are in for with your choice, it is essential that students have a reliable source of information regarding the market instead of risking their time, money and grades based on promises alone.

At RatedByStudents.com, we make it our goal to provide unbiased reviews that offer excellent guidance to those confused by the market. Our first-hand experiences with the services of numerous companies make us know what to look for in order to recommend only those names that lead to great value for the money. Today we will look at 5 essay writing services that come with subpar services.

1. American-Writers
Customer reviews were far from flattering here, and it didn’t take long for us to find out why. After ordering an essay on an accessible topic, with no demanding requests regarding resources, we received an atrocious paper that displayed a severe lack of experience with the English language. Grammatical errors, incorrect word usage, misspelling and composition errors were found all throughout the paper. Customer service was also unwilling to provide revisions or refunds, leaving us baffled at how they expect to remain in business for long with this approach. Prices were also quite high, with no promo code being offered to new customers – periodic coupon codes seemed to be missing as well.

2. ThePensters
When writing should be your main selling point, it is hard to offer anything else to make up for it if the quality is awful. Even with our basic essay, the paper turned out to be a mess, as basic rules of the English language turned out to be a mystery for our writer. Mistakes were to be seen in almost every sentence, while even the rare exception displayed simplistic writing. There was no support department to speak of, as any complaints were to be discussed directly with the writer – needless to say, if he didn’t have the language skills to write a decent paper once, he didn’t manage to improve it either. With $18 per page for a disastrous product (we fail to realize what lead to that increase from $9 starting point) and no real discounts, the experience was a waste of money. While the website is not fraud or scam, it should be avoided just the same.

3. AdvancedWriters
Spelling and grammar mistakes seem to be the norm here, as it was rare to read a few lines of our paper without running into them. The transitions between paragraphs were also often forced and lead to a feeling of incoherence in the writer’s thoughts. Customer service was unable to fix these issues, leaving us to drop all hopes of getting a decent product out of this company. Testimonials are far from the truth here. Even in the average price range, there are better options to be found.

4. PapersLead
The claims of hiring only native English writers with Masters or Ph.Ds was quickly proven wrong by the frequent instances of poor grammar and vocabulary found in our paper. Customer service was a weak point as well – besides being uninformed regarding anything but the basics, the staff wasn’t able to make sure that our paper gets any improvement. As it stands, not even the lower-than-average prices can save this company.

5. PaperWritings
Nothing good can be said about the paper we received from this website either, as poor grammar and spelling were common sights. Not only that but the writing was also simplistic and seemed to have no use other than to fill pages – it was the kind of paper that leaves people wondering what it’s point was after reading. Customer service proved to be very defensive when we brought up any issues, leaving us no other option than conclude our review with a low rating.

Questions 1-5: Public Health Nursing

Questions 1-5: Public Health Nursing

Question 1

I agree about the information mentioned regarding the health reform in Massachusetts back in 2006. The 2.6% uninsured rate could be correctly verified in 2008 (Doonan & Tull, 2010). There are a lot of things that could be learned from the experiences of Massachussetss in implementing reforms to increase health insurance coverage. A lot of other states are being challenged to also do such actions. However, the process is not that easy. Political reforms are already difficult but implementation of state legislations would be even more challenging (Doonan & Tull, 2010). There are also various trade-offs such as public support and subsidy levels (Doonan & Tull, 2010). Although it is possible for other states to follow suit, it would be hard to do so. The politicians of that specific state should be willing to sacrifice.

Question 2

Health care for all is achievable but it would involve some exceptions. I agree that many people in America refuse help and the question of how to provide healthcare for them is a legitimate one to ask. I agree that they turn down various efforts from medical practitioners to be able to take care of them. This is a problem rooted to the system. Some people believe that government involvement in insurance and the meddling of politicans have initiated the inclusion of costs that patients are unaware of (Zinser & Hsieh, 2007). This is the reason why some people refuse healthcare. Government intervention also violates some physician rights by forcing them to act against their will (Zinser & Hsieh, 2007). This kind of action may have turned off some people. I agree that education is needed in order to convince thos who refuse healthcare. However, the government should also be more transparent in their involvement.

Question 3

I agree that the mental health issue has been fueled by the lack of resources. More manpower and financial help is needed. In the 2st century, mental health have become complex and became a critical part of public health (Henderson, 2015). It is important to take note of the growing part of this aspect in the general welfare of people. While resources are certainly being provided, it is significant that the government and various agencies should be aware of the increasing number of issues in mental health due to lack of resources. Times have changed and everyone needs to adapt. This includes additional health care for those with mental issues. These patients need to be provided with modern advancements in medicine. More contemporary treatments and health care should be given to them.

Question 4

I agree that quality healthcare is difficult to obtain unless you are well off or can prove that you are really living below the poverty line. For the average people in America, access is difficult. This is due to the inefficieny of the system, which is the direct effect of fragmented care and high administrative costs (Garber, & Skinner, 2008). Although Obama Care had solved some of these inefficiencies, access is still difficult because of the same issues. I agree that insurance coverage does not mean stability. While it is already difficult to get such access, it is more difficult to be provided with quality health care.

Question 5

I agree regarding the legal basis for the responsibilities of congress in health care. It is bound in the constitution and has been set by the past politicans in order for the government to take responsibility regarding the welfare of people. Fair and equal treatment are an important part of health care. Although this has already been addressed by the Affordable Care Act, it still lacks specific provisions for public health. In fact, it still does not provide government funded option. This should be addressed in order to make all people get the health care they deserve. I also agree that military funding is important and is related to public health and security. This would ensure that proper manpower is available during times of emeregency.